Who We Are

photoThe Larson family story in the United States begins with Erick Larson emigrating from Sweden in 1865 before finally arriving in Mitchell County, Kansas in 1872. Where he meets his wife Emma originally from Ukna, Sweden. After traveling to Mayday, KS in Riley County near the town of current day Green, KS they decided to purchase 310 acres of Flint hills grass and creek bottom-land on March 6th, 1880. This acreage is the current site of our farming/ranching headquarters. The house that was built by Erick and John was finished in 1896 has seen 7 generations of Larson’s live within its walls.

Erick’s son John and wife Amanda saw the farm through the first part of the 1900’s and into the dust bowl days. His son Paul and wife Elfie brought the farm through the depression and into the 70’s, His son Jon and wife Evelyn then took over and stayed active in management until the early 2000’s.

Currently the Farm/Ranch is owned and managed by 5th generation Raymond wife Kellie and 6th Generation Andrew.

Currently Larson Farms is a family owned and operated farming and ranching operation. The primary crops grown are corn and soybeans. Our Cowherd consists of commercial black Angus cattle. In addition we take in customer owned cattle to feed out each year and perform custom farming operations for area landowners.

We are located in an area known as the Flint Hills. This area is the last of the Tall grass prairie in the United States. The area stretches from North to South across the East-Central portion of Kansas. The land is characterized by rolling hills, sharp scenic bluffs, abundant limestone, tree filled creek valleys, numerous springs, native warm season perennial grasses and productive farm ground. Primary crops in our area are corn, soybeans, wheat, grain sorghum, alfalfa, brome hay, and native prairie hay grasses. Our average rainfall is in the Mid 20 in range. We are able to stock pastures in the 7-11 acres per pair range for a May 1 to November 1 grazing season