Welcome to Larson Farms

Larson Farms is a professional family run business specializing in crop production, livestock production, and natural resource management. In addition to family owners, we work for Kansas landowners who currently reside in states from Kansas, Nebraska, and Oklahoma to Massachusetts, Georgia and many states in between. Our customers include landowners whose families have historic ties to the land, investors, investor/hunters, and other business professionals.

Our Strategy

Larson Farms will work with the Landowner to tailor a strategy for production and resource management based on their goals. We currently manage properties where goals focus on max production, hunting, low cost maintenance, natural resource repair (cleaning up neglected properties), and resource re-establishment (new fence line, pond, grassland, and terrace construction).

We prefer to establish a long term plan for improvements and we implement practices that will continue to be maintained. It is our goal to work with landowners to ensure they are up to date and fully informed about their property.

Services Offered

We recognize the use of all common area production practices for the landowners that we work with. In addition Larson Farms offers extensive services to address landowner goals. We have many in-house capabilities, and work with other service partners, consultants, and USDA agency personnel to ensure we complete every project accurately and within expectations:

  • Terrace Construction
  • Hedge Row Removal
  • Pond Cleaning/Excavation
  • Field Tiling Options
  • Pasture Spraying
  • Pasture Tree Removal
  • New Fence Construction
  • Fertilizer Application
  • Water Transport
  • Custom Livestock Feeding
  • Custom Livestock Transport (lower 48 states)
  • Custom Hay Transport (lower 48 states)
  • Custom Grain Transport (lower 48 states)
  • Hay Production
  • Silage Chopping
  • Rock Transport
  • Custom Harvesting
  • Livestock Processing
  • VRT Lime Application
  • VRT Chemical Application